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Online Hybrid Programs

Introducing our Medical Assistant Hybrid Program

80% online and 20% in class. Learn from home on your own shedule.

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Our Mission

Courses in CPR, ACLS, PALSGet an amazing education at an amazing price.

So many people would love to serve in the medical field, but are unable to afford the astronomical tuition fees. Many institutions are willing to help you finance your education, but after graduation you are saddled with a staggering amount of debt. That is no way to start your dream career.

The industry has a strong need for quality healthcare professionals and expensive fees are standing in the way of many who would love to fill that need.

SpecialAt Washington Medical College we believe that a quality medical education should be available to everybody who has the aptitude and the desire.

Instead of just helping you finance your education, we have gone a step further. By eliminating senseless expenses we have made our programs affordable from the very start.

We believe you should be able to follow your dreams and serve others without being crippled by debt.

Join us in our mission to make a medical education affordable for everyone.

Offering Continuous Enrollment - Our classes are offered in modules, so that we are always open for enrollment and you can get started when it is most convenient for you.


Offering Courses in Temecula, Rancho Mirage, and Albany/San Francisco


We are not BPPE certified.